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Metals Mafia Community BarDon Pit Bullion$45.0002/20/2020
07:30 pm
27d 11h 57m
Moos&Wolfe Metals Pirate Medallion MoosWolfe Metals$28.0002/20/2020
09:29 am
27d 1h 56m
Diamond FlushSilverWillProsper$26.0003/05/2020
07:30 am
40d 23h 58m
Will Pour For Food 1 oz IngotSilverWillProsper$26.0003/05/2020
07:26 am
40d 23h 53m
Rosie pour prototype corndogg42$65.001601/24/2020
08:47 am
1h 14m
INFINITY BARLapage87$50.0001/25/2020
02:17 am
18h 44m
INFINITY BARLapage87$65.0001/25/2020
02:07 am
18h 34m
Glow your blowTyneside silver bullion£25.0002/15/2020
05:50 pm
22d 10h 18m
MK Barz Skull Cube 1ozGRAM STACKER$21.0002/15/2020
08:23 am
22d 0h 50m
MK Barz Dash Crypto Round 1oz (retired)GRAM STACKER$21.0002/15/2020
08:13 am
22d 0h 40m
1 oz Intaglio Mint Deuce Skull 3 %er RoundSuckerForSilver$20.0002/27/2020
06:08 pm
34d 10h 35m
Waterbead Skull with Sword 1.4oztMrs Vulcan$50.0002/12/2020
05:18 pm
19d 9h 45m
Bustier Key .9oztMrs Vulcan$35.0002/12/2020
05:13 pm
19d 9h 41m
2019 Cameroun Cheetah 500 Francs GRAM STACKER$22.0002/12/2020
10:53 am
19d 3h 21m
CMG Mint "Tough Times" Enameled Art Bar (PRICE DROP)GRAM STACKER$70.0002/11/2020
02:32 pm
18d 6h 59m
Metals Mafia Puck #9Silver Vessel$110.0002/11/2020
06:56 am
17d 23h 23m
Corn chip black and valcambi gram bar corndogg42$5.0002/25/2020
05:01 pm
32d 9h 28m
Monster Toned 3 oz SkullDon Pit Bullion$82.5002/08/2020
07:44 pm
15d 12h 11m
"300" BarSilent Metals Limited$90.0002/08/2020
01:30 pm
15d 5h 57m
Corn chip and silver corndogg42$5.0002/22/2020
02:33 pm
29d 7h 0m
dancin dabber for the 710 crowdSilverstackaholic$35.0002/22/2020
07:55 am
29d 0h 22m
1 OZT .999 fine silver FTF 'Skully" bar(s) #3,5Silver_FTF$25.0002/21/2020
03:37 pm
28d 8h 4m
Pot Plant - limited edition of 25 - 2 troy ozSilent Metals Limited$50.0002/06/2020
03:15 pm
13d 7h 43m
Glow in the dark skullTyneside silver bullion£50.0002/06/2020
03:38 am
12d 20h 6m
420 2ozTyneside silver bullion£50.0004/06/2020
04:34 am
72d 20h 1m
Hand poured 2.2 troy ounce square bar rkbullion$55.0002/05/2020
05:57 pm
12d 10h 25m
2.2 troy ounce square bar rkbullion$55.0002/05/2020
05:46 pm
12d 10h 13m
3.9 troy ounce skull round #3rkbullion$100.0002/05/2020
05:35 pm
12d 10h 3m
Koi Fish Bar 4.5 Troy Ounce #3 rkbullion$150.0002/05/2020
05:30 pm
12d 9h 57m
Grab ‘Em By The Pu**yThe Locker$70.0002/20/2020
05:21 pm
27d 9h 49m
Release The Hounds 4.0 Troy Ounce #1rkbullion$120.0005/05/2020
06:17 pm
102d 9h 44m
MANTIS METALS .999 Fine Silver .50 caliber bullet! .61 - .66 Troy ounce!! Exact replica MANTISMETALS$15.0002/05/2020
03:49 pm
12d 8h 16m
CyberCurtainTwitcher Silver Slidesmikegpo$80.0002/01/2020
03:04 pm
8d 7h 31m
Genuine CCT Silver Slides mikegpo$65.00UnlimitedUnlimited
999fs tridentTyneside silver bullion£25.0002/05/2020
07:33 am
12d 0h 0m
Death starTyneside silver bullion£24.0002/04/2020
09:20 pm
11d 13h 47m
420 FlipSilverstackaholic$44.0002/19/2020
07:35 pm
26d 12h 2m
12:20 pm
11d 4h 47m
Iron manStackerQueen£110.0002/04/2020
11:42 am
11d 4h 9m
Dragons lairStackerQueen£65.0002/04/2020
11:36 am
11d 4h 4m
Mr BlackjackStackerQueen£95.0002/04/2020
11:32 am
11d 3h 59m
Mr octo DribbleStackerQueen£80.0002/04/2020
11:26 am
11d 3h 53m
CMG Mint "God Bless America" Enameled Art Bar (PRICE DROP)GRAM STACKER$70.0002/03/2020
11:27 pm
10d 15h 54m
Black Hand Bullion 5oz Viking HeadBlackHandBullion$125.0001/03/2021
02:50 pm
345d 7h 17m
Black Hand Bullion 3oz Cool EmojiBlackHandBullion$75.0001/03/2021
02:10 pm
345d 6h 37m
Black Hand Bullion 5oz Steam Punk SkullBlackHandBullion$125.0001/03/2021
01:56 pm
345d 6h 23m
Black Hand Bullion 4oz Gorilla GoonBlackHandBullion$100.0001/03/2021
01:19 pm
345d 5h 46m
Black Hand Bullion (BHB) 4oz Gears BarBlackHandBullion$100.0002/18/2020
11:48 am
25d 4h 15m
Black Hand Bullion 5oz Gears BarBlackHandBullion$125.0002/03/2020
11:16 am
10d 3h 43m
Smälta design with beveled edges Muldooms Customs$125.0002/03/2020
08:24 am
10d 0h 52m
Cannabis RingRob/RL CoinRings$100.0002/02/2020
03:31 pm
9d 7h 58m
Hand Poured Leaffirefighterlinn$92.5002/02/2020
01:53 pm
9d 6h 20m
Skeleton Middle Fingerfirefighterlinn$54.0002/02/2020
01:48 pm
9d 6h 16m
Skull Key SetMrs Vulcan$165.0002/01/2020
06:48 pm
8d 11h 15m
Customs made Bill wall leather ring size 7.5Jonnyreeae13$1000.0001/30/2020
04:27 pm
6d 8h 54m
Double Diamond Bullion- 2 oz. "Experts Only" Diamond BarDoubleDiamondBullion$48.0002/16/2020
01:00 pm
23d 5h 27m
MANTIS METALS .999 Fine Silver .459 caliber bullet! .96 - 1 Troy ounce!! Exact replica MANTISMETALS$26.0002/16/2020
09:58 am
23d 2h 25m
10 ozt Bay City Bullion BrickBay City Bullion$227.5002/15/2020
08:32 pm
22d 13h 0m
Vader Prototype 17.3 oztBay City Bullion$470.0002/15/2020
08:28 pm
22d 12h 55m
Metals Mafia Hit BarDon Pit Bullion$80.0002/15/2020
07:41 pm
22d 12h 8m
SilvertrooperDon Pit Bullion$27.5002/15/2020
07:34 pm
22d 12h 1m
GoldtrooperDon Pit Bullion$45.0002/15/2020
07:32 pm
22d 11h 59m
SilvertrooperDon Pit Bullion$30.0002/15/2020
07:22 pm
22d 11h 50m
Sexy Hexies - Metals MafiaDon Pit Bullion$27.5001/25/2020
08:37 pm
1d 13h 5m

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