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Black Cat SuperHero - 7.65 Troy Ounces of 999FS Silver Back Stacker$198.0007/22/2019
02:10 am
4d 21h 38m048
5 Silver Trade Units - U.S. Assay Office Silver Back Stacker$97.0007/22/2019
12:56 am
4d 20h 24m024
Five Mini SkullsSilver Back Stacker$30.0007/22/2019
12:13 am
4d 19h 41m037
5 Rounds - Erymanthian Boar from the Hercules SeriesSilver Back Stacker$94.5008/13/2019
12:16 am
26d 19h 44m134
3.6 ozt Square Ripple Bar - 999 FS, duh ;-)Silver Back Stacker$78.0008/21/2019
05:29 am
35d 0h 57m017
4.1 ozt Chunky Pour in Cast IronSilver Back Stacker$85.0008/21/2019
05:29 am
35d 0h 57m025
5.5 ozt Buddha and the Dragon Piedfort PourSilver Back Stacker$115.0008/21/2019
05:28 am
35d 0h 56m037
.30-06 Sand Cast Bullet - 2 ozt of 999 FSSilver Back Stacker$45.0008/07/2019
02:12 am
20d 21h 40m019
80 Gram Ripple Bar (Cast Iron Pour)Silver Back Stacker$52.5008/21/2019
05:28 am
35d 0h 56m019
1.7 ozt Vintage Nail in 999 Fine SilverSilver Back Stacker$36.0009/07/2019
02:15 am
51d 21h 43m019
5.6+ ozt Ripple-licious Long BarSilver Back Stacker$128.0009/07/2019
02:14 am
51d 21h 42m044
1 KILO Open Poured SkullSilver Back Stacker$695.0012/18/2019
02:14 am
153d 22h 42m028
6.2 ozt Celtic KnotSilver Back Stacker$125.0008/07/2019
02:13 am
20d 21h 41m030
1.15 ozt 999 FS SurfBoardSilver Back Stacker$33.0008/07/2019
01:11 am
20d 20h 39m023
999 Fine Silver "Full Cast" Sea ShellSilver Back Stacker$28.0008/07/2019
01:12 am
20d 20h 40m039
1.78 ozt 999 Fine Silver Dolphin (Porpoise)Silver Back Stacker$38.0008/07/2019
02:13 am
20d 21h 41m032
1945 Dos Pesos Gold CoinSilver Back Stacker$86.00UnlimitedUnlimited058
5.4 ounces of 999 Copper - SBS's FIRST Copper Pour EVERSilver Back Stacker$25.0008/07/2019
01:12 am
20d 20h 40m029
120 gram Fine Silver Long Bar - Triple RippleSilver Back Stacker$85.0008/07/2019
01:13 am
20d 20h 41m172
3.7 ozt 999 FS OverSized 6-Sided DieSilver Back Stacker$88.0008/07/2019
01:13 am
20d 20h 41m031
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