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Redneck Stacker:
Hey @everyone Were putting on a community giveaway to promote and the Metals Mafia Community.
 This is gonna be huge!!
 Anybody that wants to help by donating a piece or help orchestrate the shin dig please let Pit Bullion know.
 Let's show the Silver Community what the Mafia is all about!

to enter
Comment "I want In" to be entered here:;sa=view;id=411

1 Prize Per Person
Must Be A Member Of Metals Mafia 😀
Winners Will Have 48 Hours to Claim There Prize

1 Winner Per Day Starting On March 9th and everyday after till the prizes run out.

Winner Announcement Can Be Found Using This Link:!!!/winner-announcements!!!/

For Info on Donating To The Giveaway Please Use This Link:!!!/donations-to-the-giveaway/

Join The Metals Mafia Discord Server Using This Link:

Good Luck Everybody!!!


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