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Redneck Stacker:
Hello everyone who is new to the Metals Mafia website.

A lot of things have been upgraded to the site we have a few Auctions on the go so place your bids if you like what you see and I hope you win what it is your after.. GOOD LUCK.. ;D

Also there has been a lot of new hand poured silver art added into the Classifieds that are up for sale to anyone who would like to add some Amazing silver art to there stack..just click on buy now and ether it will send you to paypal or it will allow u to send a direct email to the artist that made the art and something can be worked out that if you like what you see then its only a few clicks away to buy somthing cool....

Please feel free to join the metals mafia in there Discord channel where you can get to know some of the artists and the family and friends. we have alot of fun over can voice chat/text chat/post trades/post steemit vids/post youtube vids/ext.. We wanna get to know you so please come and join in everyone..

Discord Link

have a great day and enjoy

The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
That's definitely the news lately. Let's make the Mafia great again fellas!

Slacker Stacker:
The rebuild is going nicely!! I see so many new auctions and products listed here lately! Thanks for the news reports! We will make the Mafia great again!


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