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The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
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The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
Hey Everyone,
  Well the crew had a fun week out in Las Vegas camping out at Casa De La Pit Bullion. We spent my birthday together and new years. We all had a blast. But in true Metals Mafia fashion we had to get some work done in the shop. Silver Vessel thought up the idea we went with and I love it. 1/4 ozt buttons each stamped with our own makers mark. We are making a maximum of 50 sets and they are going pretty fast.  They are available on the Pit Bullion Website Via this link!/Cast-Collaboration-1-4-ozt-Button-Set/p/98713426/category=0
  Thanks Everyone and Happy New Year!

Slacker Stacker:
I am glad I was able to get a set of those buttons. They will have meaning to me because I was there on the stream and saw all of you making them!! To cool!!

Silver Saver:
Not fair... it is"Out of Stack"

Slacker Stacker:
Silver Saver,

He is making more. Limited to 50 sets, but he is making more. ]


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