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The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
Do you have problems in your relationship? Wife doesn't get your addiction to precious metals or maybe shes mad you bought her a silver eagle for her birthday? Well have no fear! Pit Bullion is here to help. Comment with your problem and our team of relationship experts will get on the case. With over 15 years of relationship experience with 100s of women you can trust we will get the spark back in your love life.

The Bear:
😂😂😂😂 you still looking right?! 😁😂😜

The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
Our first customer. I can see you dance around your issues by trying to be funny. This kind of behavior tells your significant other you are unsure of your self and have doubts. This can lead to her telling you no to future silver purchases. You must take hold and become more confident. Your stacking is at stake.

The Bear:
Tell me more oh wise one😏

The Don Aka Pit Bullion:
I truly think you require our premium service. Please send $999.99 to and sit by your phone and wait for my call.


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