Author Topic: I donít understand why so many people love this crypto Ponzi scheme  (Read 138 times)


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I'm Not BUTTHURT about "missing out on the rocket launch that crypto currency's have over precious metals.

Perhaps we had better start from the beginning. In 1913 the Rockefeller,Rothschild,JP Morgan and a select few other heads of the banking or political system. They came up with the fractional banking scheme. For every dollar of your money you put into a bank, the bank in turn loans out 10 dollars of new money from out of thin air to people looking for loans.

 Fast forward to 1971 when tricky Dick Nixon took to worlds reserve currency off of the gold standard. Ending the backing of the dollar by gold and turning our money truly into the same money as what is in the monopoly game. Now people are conditioned into thinking paper is money.

 Next step to a one world currency is getting rid of cash and making everything digital; cash,land,art,vehicles, basically every asset that is physical they want to digitize. Block chain technology is cool for digital receipts,nothing else. Crypto currencies are the brain chold of the banksters and the Deep state/military complex that is running the government.

 In 1996 a white page document was supposedly floated onto the Internet which introduced the idea of a block chain technology/crypto currency. This was a CIA paper that was sent to the eyes of the tech industry in California to hit the ground running with "mining" digital bits of some kind of a crypto thing. The biggest requirements for the early days of the "mining" process was a room in your moms basement and most of your time spent in your underwear. It's also possible you might have a lower sperm count than your IQ. Sorry I really hate bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

In 2008-2009 is when the crypto currency started building steem again. People were looking for a safe asset for their money after they saw what happened with the dot com crash and the 2009 housing crash. All of a sudden people woke up for a minute and we saw gold and silver go parabolic and people felt safe with precious metals. Unfortunately precious metals have lost their gains and have been floating around the $15-20 dollar range.

The stock market has hit record highs 56 different times this year. Housing prices are right back to where they were in the 2008 crash. The  only thing that is different is that we now have a student loan bubble, a subprime auto loan bubble,Entitlement programs that are going broke like Medicaid,Social Security,and welfare. And people think that a make believe computer screen with ones and zeros/11100110000011110011110101 wow,I'

-The biggest holder of Bitcoin is the FBI.
-1% of the bitcoin community poses 99% of the bitcoin wealth.
-1,600 people own 43% of Bitcoin.
-14,000 people own 23% of Bit coin./small players with 1 to 10 bitcoins.
-Countries are starting their own crypto currencies which will make Bitcoin obsolete.
-Their are over 1,000 crypto currencies to loose money in
-Corporations have mining farms to crush the small guy who is investing into bitcoin.
-In 2009 the NSA got their hands into the backdoor of the block chain technology. All purchases and transactions are sent to the NSA hub in Utah.
-It requires a ton of energy to complete transactions and mine for dungeons and dragons money! A single transaction requires the same amount of energy to keep a house operating for 3 days.
-Their is a transaction fee for every movement of buying and selling.
-It does 7 transactions a second compared to visa that 4,000 while using less energy.
-Cryptos are being turned into an ETF so it can be manipulated just like gold and silver.
-It's a pure speculative asset back by almost nothing. It market capped at 21 million bitcoins,but it has had multiple forks.....hmmmmmmm.
-You run the risk of accidentally preforming money laundering due to not knowing who you are buying and selling to and from.
-Property Asset Forfeiture could occure from certain transactions.
-A hub is required to  facilitate any trades, purchases, or sales.
-An EMP wipes out all you fake wealth.
-A floating currency can not be considered money.

Remember this is the first generation of crypto. Think about this.  When VHS tape's had a very long run,people had huge collection of them. Then on to the scene came the newest and greatest way to watch movies. Yes you figured it out  I am talking about laser disk. It lasted for about 13 minutes and it was very very expensive for the unit and the laser disks them self.  Now DVDs and BlueRay are having the run that VHS got. And now with Netflix,Amazon Prime,and Hulu are the way we watch movies now. Point being, Cryptos are going to hopefully be a blip in the radar for us getting the world back to a currency that is backed by physical assets like gold,silver,oil,and land.

Do not de-link a currency from gold..... or it fails every time. 

The only thing we have to fear is...... running out of silver! The world waits for no man but sometimes a blond in a red dress can stop traffic by crossing the street
Stackin Ag47

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Thanks for sharing that. It sounds like its all over the place and you could get scammed.