Author Topic: Why poured silver is so awesome  (Read 176 times)


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Why poured silver is so awesome
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:01:40 am »
To me poured silver is the best way to stack silver at these historically low prices. With a 70-1 gold to silver ratio and an overpriced stock market. Not to mention an economy riding on a razors edge and almost out of steam.Silver is a very under appreciated asset,and it has been suppressed for years. Many billion dealers and private websites have a huge variety of poured silver. Another way to acquire the beautiful silver art is through the great members of this silver pouring community. Either by purchasing their art or by trading for it. Itís a different way to diversify your stack. I have a decent community box. image nothing like Silver Vessels community box, but a guy can dream.....canít he??
I love breaking things down and putting them back together. That being said I love taking old bullion silver or spot purched silver rounds and coins
and melting them down to a liquid form in my furnace at over 2,000 degrees. image Their is a saying ď Their is more than one way to skin a cat.Ē That being said, the three most common molds to pour silver into are graphite/cast iron, petrobond sand/delft clay, or make your own...... Vulcan 5678 and The Bear!
The first one is graphite/ cast iron image The neat thing about pouring into a mold like this,is that you can get a classic bar look. image or have a sack of silver! image
It allows you to recreate a bar to look like what vintage bars looked like back a long time ago..... in a galaxy far,far,away. Lol sorry I always have Star Wars on the brain. God I wish I was a Jedi..... but back to the silver. Along with the bar look, you can also get a C&C machine to carve out a graphite mold so you can pour some interesting shapes and get some wicked Pit lines(pour lines). image.
The next way to pour that beautiful liquid silver,is into a petrobond sand/delft clay mold. More than likely one made from packing some sort of box or rings with petrobond sand or delft Clay image By using this method, you can take anything from kids toys,channel bars,and signature pieces to a gun cylinder image This way you are able to make almost anything that you can find that has a good 3D effect to it into unique silver pieces of art.
The final way is to make your own mold. Sometimes you use your god given talent and router out some wood. image You can see how beautiful the wood looks burning. image The more times you pour into the wood mold, the molten silver burns deeper and deeper grooves into the primitive wooden mold image Allowing you to get a very unique texture to your silver art image and get almost a mountain looking effect or some groovy ridge designs image
And sometimes you just have to use your imagination. My good friend The Bear is not afraid to pour 2,000 degree silver into almost anything! Even into raw ramen noodles. image It was one of the better smelling things he has poured silver into. Look what the silver does to the noodles image In the end leaving a truly one of a kind piece! image So in the end,I have to say, that poured silver is a true representation of the individual artist. And an awesome way to preserve your wealth in a way that is different from all the coins that look exactly alike and are mass produced. I like coins and rounds,donít get me wrong. I just love the fact that every poured piece of silver is like a snowflake. No itís not a social justice warrior!! Every pour has a slight difference and no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Vulcan 5678 has poured numerous silver pieces into the same wood mold getting different effects and PitBullion has poured some sweet cast iron bars into a mold and puts some wicked Pit lines on the back. image Itís art. Its tangible. And it makes a barbaris relic cool again. image
The only thing we have to fear is...... running out of silver! The world waits for no man but sometimes a blond in a red dress can stop traffic by crossing the street
Stackin Ag47

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Re: Why poured silver is so awesome
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2019, 02:15:50 pm »
Can't enough of the ART of Poured Silver. Nice article!

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Re: Why poured silver is so awesome
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2019, 04:34:00 am »
This was really cool to read. Flattered to be mentioned. Two Thumbs Up!

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Re: Why poured silver is so awesome
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2019, 06:48:23 pm »
That was awesome little brother! 😘 Well said! Thanks for the compliment 💪🏻